Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Sweet'N'Spicy with Personalize

Sweet'N'Spicy Android app now comes with "Personalize" option. First cooking app to have this feature.

Personalize option shows only the recipes that matches your food/diet preferences. For example if you are vegetarian click on vegetarian option shown in personalize window, then when ever you open our app it will show only vegetarian foods . It will show vegetarian foods in categories, search, community and even on My Kitchen matches. 

You can also streamline your options to vegan or No onion or no garlic or diabetic depending on the diet you follow.. This will be a helpful feature for those who get lost in searching recipes of their preference.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Implementing Push Notifications on Android

We recently gave a presentation on our experiences with Push Notifications (C2DM) on Android and how to Implement them @ siliconindia Bangalore.

If interested check out the attached presentation and you will find the source code at the end.

Click here to download the presentation