Thursday, June 17, 2010

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A place where you can explore Indian Restaurants worldwide as well as learn and enjoy the art of Indian cooking. Unlike most websites brings the end to end entire relationship between the ingredients, foods, recipes and restaurants.

Our restaurants are categorized with every detail based on the region of food served such as North Indian, South Indian and Punjabi, etc. We include every detail like food menu, cost of each food, location of the restaurant, operating hours, and services like parking facility, delivery and alcohol information. Users will also be able to send their experiences as feedback including their Ratings for each food item in the menu.

Some reputed restaurants having branches all over the world get special mention in the Brand page with full description and details about its various branches.

The site also has thousands of Indian recipes under various categories like vegetarian and non vegetarian. Each recipe has detailed preparation description including the calorific value of the food. We have added the calorie calculation engine which is pretty dynamic and built specifically to understand and parse Indian Ingredients which gives runtime calorie information for every added recipe in our database. The Allergy information added to each recipe will be useful for needy users.

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