Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Secret behind our Android, Palm pre apps

If you are wondering why our Android app, Palm pre and the Mobile website for Sweet'N'Spicy looks similar?, then here is the secret.

The Sweet'N'Spicy for Android and Palm Pre is wrapped in Phonegap with all the files from the Mobile website. So you get all the functionalities on the Mobile website in form of an App.

Below is a general overview of Phonegap

1. Phonegap is a cross platform mobile app development framework.

2. Phonegap lets you to develop the app using HTML and Javascript and drop into the phone wrapped in the Phonegap libraries.

3. Once you download the app from the Store/Marketplace, phonegap renders the app in a Webview/or internal browser where you can render the content using HTML, CSS and Javascript, which is stored along with the app itself.

4. Phonegap exposes all the native features like calling, Geo, Phonebook access through javascript libraries which can inturn consumed inside the app.

5. Since all the client elements are stored on the phone, the app feels native and more responsive.

Here is a quick design of various elements in Android/Palm Pre apps

Here is what is our feedback from both our users and also from the development team building phonegap based apps.

1. With such a variety of Android's on the Market, the Sweet'N'Spicy recived most positive feedback from the Users.
2. Phonegap apps needs lot of polishing with CSS to bring the most native look and feel

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