Saturday, October 5, 2013

Cooking Tips Widget in Action

Here is a sample recipe with Cooking Tips Widget

Masala Puffed Rice

Its very difficult to buy a masala puffed rice fresh, but luckily its very easy to make. Give a try


100 gms of Puffed rice

50 gms of Groundnuts

2 tsp turmeric powder

5 curry leaf

1 tbsp chilli powder

1 tbsp mustard

2 tbsp of Oil

Salt as required


Pour the oil on a vessel and heat it for couple of minutes
Add the mustard in the oil and let it to splutter
Add the groundnuts and fry them till its color changes light brown
Now add the curry leaf and the puffed rice, turmeric, chilli power and salt
Note: ** Now its important to reduce the heat to sim low otherwise the rice will burn
fry the puffed rice slowlely till the turmeric is evenly distributed ont the rice
continue for 5 min and make sure no single puffed rice burns out

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